Slovak Drag Racing Championship 2024

Greetings to all fans of drag racing and represents 20th year of championship in categories:
Automobile SPORT, Automobile PROFI and Motorcycles.

Annual Driver’s license SAMŠ – FIA  is not required on each race day licenses are issued.
Entries to the race should not be sent in advance.

Race calendar:
April 13 – airport Kiskunlacháza (HU):
1/4-mile drag race – SK&HU championship round
May 1 – Slovakia Ring:  POWER FEST – Drag, Drift & Tuning majáles
304,8m / 1000ft drag race – SK&HU championship round, drift race Zapal to! (CZ) & Drifting Hungary, show & shine and dB measurement in paddock
May 25 – airport Trenčín:  POWER FEST & US+Retro Cars meeting                                     
1/4-mile drag race, US Cars & Old/youngtimer meeting + extra category US street & Retro street, show & shine, dB measurement
September 21 – airport Žilina: 
POWER FEST                            
1/4-mile drag race, GT-R / Skyline meeting, show & shine and dB measurement, stunt show
October 12 – Slovakia Ring:  POWER FEST – Drag, Slalom & Tuning day                
304,8m/1000ft drag race, autoslalom cup, show & shine + dB measurement in paddock, Subaru meeting

All regulations, rules as well as the currently valid categorization can be found in menu Info.

All races in 2024 will be again measured with professional drag racing equipment with output timeslip and automaticaly launch signalization.